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All carpet cleaning is carried out using the Hot Water Extraction method, this method of carpet cleaning is recommended by most carpet manufacturers and is the best way to deep clean carpets.

As carpets can cost thousands of pounds the correct procedures have to be followed to protect the fibres and to avoid resoiling, as members of the National Carpet Cleaning Association we follow their guidelines, this involves a full survey to determine the type of fibre then a thorough vacuum with an industrial Sebo vacuum cleaner. The appropriate detergent is then applied and brushed in with a scrubbing machine to loosen the soiling and lift the fibres and any stains are treated with the appropriate spotting spray. All detergents are then extracted with the extraction machine which leaves the carpet residue free and chemically ph neutral this helps to prevent rapid re-soiling.

Carpet drying times vary from within the hour for synthetic carpets to about 3 hours for wool carpets.

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The National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) Membership


Pre -cleaning

After an inspection has been carried out to determine the composition of the carpet or rug, it is then vacuumed with a professional vacuum cleaner, any spots or stains are pre-treated and the appropriate detergent or detergent free solution is then sprayed onto the surface and scrubbed in with an electric contra rotating brush, or with a hand brush if the material is fragile or delicate.


After leaving the solution to dwell for a few minutes the carpet or rug is then rinsed of the loosened soiling with the Hot Water Extraction machine which is normally positioned outside the house or apartment.


If multiple rooms are to be cleaned, then an air mover can be used to speed up the drying process, while the other rooms are being cleaned.